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I figured it was about damn time I made one of these. >.>

If you have any questions, constructive critique or general feedback to give in regards to my portrayal of Darc, please post it here. Really, I'm sure I could use it. Don't be shy, just be constructive. :)

Thank you. ♥
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Gifts given:

Lancer: A six-pack (just like last year) and a wolf dagger
Tatsuki: Wrapping bandages and a black jade bangle
Amaterasu: A red jade bangle
Tifa: A dark blue jade bangle
Ami: A light blue jade bangle
Jenny: A dark green jade bangle and a pair of black leather bracers
TARDIS: Black leather bracers for her arms and shins
Hanatarou: A flip blade and a box with different teas and hot chocolates
Giselle: A pink jade bangle
Rachel: A promise that he will buy her her first sword

(Yes, all the ladies save TARDIS got jade bangles)

Gifts received:

Jenny: a small flip blade
Hanatarou: A single serving of Christmas cake
Rachel: A heinous Christmas sweater
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» NAME: Darc
» FANDOM: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
» AGE: 18
» GENDER: Male
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» COLLAR: Black leather (it's brown in the picture) with small metal plates along it) - there's no latch or seam

» YES: : Biting, giving and receiving oral sex, sexy clothing, vanilla sex, breasts, getting feral/rough.
» MAYBE: Uh...ask?
» NO: None of the body/fluid fetishes (gore/vore/scat/enemas/vomit/etc), but especially nothing involving him being subdued or enslaved, AND anything involving asphyxiation. Also a big no to incest should his twin brother show up here.
» PAIRING PREFERENCES: Darc/Lilia, but here, anything goes really


» Please send me a message here. Thanks!
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Giselle: A pendant (round, polished/glossy pink stone on a black cord) and this dagger.
Lancer: A six-pack and a long red headband with feathers attached at the end.
Ami: A pendant (round, polished/glossy dark blue stone on a black cord) and a blue metallic butterfly knife (small enough to slip somewhere discreet for self-defence)
Tatsuki: A pendant (round, polished/glossy red stone on a black cord) and a pair of brass knuckles
Jenny: A pendant (round, polished/glossy light blue stone on a black cord) and a long blue headband with feathers attached at the end.
Hanatarou: This dragon statuette and this apron (in red) - but what he didn't realize was that it has this message on it


Gifts received from...

Lancer: Chimera totem (snake/lion/hawk)
Hanatarou: Peppermint hot chocolate mix and a dark purple mug
Jenny: A small knife and a promise for more sparring
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Darc hoped that the apologies Zelda claimed to owe him didn't involve her previous attack. Whatever it was she wanted to talk about - or apologize for - he would be glad for the company. She was one of very few good friends that still seemed to be around on the community.

Perhaps she deserved a more personal apology of his own too.
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This post's purpose is to give everyone a better idea of what they're seeing when they visit the town of Rueloon. There's some basic information and pictures, and a quick description of the Deimos that will most likely be milling about the town.

Read more... )

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here.
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Hey Zelda, after what happened...are you going to be all right to compete in the tournament? 'Cause I can get someone to take your place. If you're still feeling weak then I'm not going to have you fight and make it worse..!


Jun. 17th, 2009 11:16 am
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[PRIVATE to friends]
20. It's come so fast. I don't think I feel any different, but I guess a lot's happened. [Pause] I'm going to try to get a hold of Kharg. Is 20 a big age to humans who celebrate birthdays?

This isn't looking good - only four people volunteered for the tournament. That means only two teams! Hmph. There's about another month still, but it's not going to be much of a tournament if there's only one goddamn fight. Are there fewer fighters around the community this year or something?
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Uughh...what the hell? Fucking community...Mmf, what did it do to my head? Don't remember much...

Guys, what happened to me? I know it must've been a virus, but what happened during it?
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Darc didn't normally pace, but the dire anticipation that had taken over him drove him to be too antsy to sit still. It no longer mattered that Kamina was apparently dead: he needed help. Coincidence brought him to that specific continent and region that day, but it felt right somehow to be healing his friend here. The church ruins had been a sanctuary for him for many long years, and his father's grave still rested beneath the stained glass window.

To keep his thoughts from dwelling on anything else but the task at hand, Darc checked his equipment, making sure of the placement of his Romantic Stone. He hadn't yet managed to use healing magic without drawing from another power source; if it weren't for that stone, he wouldn't have been able to offer his assistance.

It was fine, just as it had been a few minutes before. Shrugging, he returned to pacing. Hopefully Kamina would be able to make it.
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I haven't had a good battle like that for a long time! Just as I was starting to miss the thrill of the fight too. All this diplomacy stuff might make me go soft if I don't get out and test my strength more often. Chimaira didn't stand a damn chance!

I suppose I should thank you, Saguru. For organizing this little expedition. I got to take down a goddess's beast and get back at the bitch for hurting my friend in the process.
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Hey Jack, I want to talk to you.
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001.Lively 002.Remorseful 003.Dismiss 004.Heavy 005.Forward
006.Prowl 007.Cut 008.Compromise 009.Impulse 010.Hush
011.Morals 012.Engage 013.Voice 014.Awkward 015.Lower
016.Plead 017.Caring 018.Believe 019.Found 020.Shield
021.Open 022.Tactile 023.Journey 024.Scowl 025.Hero
026.Writer's Choice 027.Writer's Choice 028.Writer's Choice 029.Writer's Choice 030.Writer's Choice
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[The video blinks on, and we see Darc kneeling to the right side of the screen. He’s trying to adjust the camera angle, the technical genius that he is (not). He’s in a calm meadow-looking area with a few trees (a wild area just outside of Rueloon), but there’s something very strange: several chunks of ice are just sitting there on the ground. Even though it’s winter, they look very out of place. If one zooms a little and looks at just the right angle, one can see the shape of monstrous dragonfly-like creatures within each. Once Darc is sure of the camera angle, a smug grin comes to his face and he gestures to the ice chunks behind him.]

Thanks, Jack.

[Another of the dragonfly-like creatures suddenly emerges from some brush in the background and flies hard at Darc. However, he stands and swipes hard at the monster. Instead of slicing through, it hits it then stops as ice spreads, creating another oddly shaped lump. It plunks to the ground.]

[The smirk is still there.] Your presents are coming in real handy already.

[He then goes to turn the camera off, his point proven. As he struggles for a moment, we get a brief shot of Darc’s other present from Jack: a pair of brown leather shoes as opposed to his usual brown leather sandals. Hey, even a noble half-Deimos needs to keep his toes warm.]

[Video ends.]
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Just like with the post I just made on Aang's journal (and the other one I'll be making on Gai's after this), this post is a list of Christmas gifts Darc will be getting his friends. Some of the gifts will be actual game items (prepare to have your stats increased!). Luckily his list is a little shorter, though that might just mean I've missed someone. ._. Please remind me if you think you know a character who should be on here.
Under the cut )
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That damn virus finally wore off a while ago. I would've said so before, but once it went away and I got home, there were some issues I had to take care of - mostly with the Lakelta tribe. I'm getting sick and tired of how they just won't listen. But at least I'm back to the way I'm supposed to be!
[LOCKED to Jack Frost]
I found out what a bra is. Did you?

I just looked back on the community and realized that I've been here over a year now. Is something supposed to happen? I still don't understand this place, but it's proven to be worthwhile.

Now that I'm back, I'm still going over the answers people gave me a while ago. So it looks like magic either comes from something like a spirit stone or a wand, or it comes from some sort of inner source. There's no way I'm moving the Deimos from depending on one item to another! Which only leaves the "inner source" option. Maybe it's not too farfetched. After all, if the spirit stones got their power from spirits, then why can't we draw the same power from our own?

I just don't know how yet. But I'll figure it out! There's no way in hell I'll let the Deimos down!

Now that I think about it, Lilia had us draw on our own power to escape that hellhole the Lord of the Black Abyss sent us into. If I could do that again...
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Through the usual water portal he arrived, a certain phantom familiarity coming to him upon seeing Phil's house. Even though he hadn't really been raised there...

Damn these viruses! he broke away from the first chain of thought. They mess with your head and body. If I ever find out who's causing these..!

As Darc looked around, he couldn't help but be conscious of the weight of his new assets. There was a simple red cloth bound around his chest. It was crude, but it covered, though it did little in the way of support; he could feel a jiggling bounce with every step. That same bounce hit him once again as he began to walk toward the door of Phil's home. The king stopped upon remembering his friend's condition, and figured that going in the front would be pointless.

Then what should he hear but the sounds of loud splashing. The beach...that makes more sense.

He turned and began down the path to the beach. Just as it was coming into view, he called out "Phil! Is that you?"

Oh yes, he had almost forgotten how much he hated the sound of his new voice too.
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True to his word, Darc stood at the top of the stairs that lead into town. The Balar Deimos on guard stayed well out of the way of his king's business. Otherwise, there was nothing out of the ordinary going in in Rueloon that day. So far, at least.
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...I don't care if it was just another damn virus. I had a family - a real one. People I thought I cared about all my life...who wouldn't leave me.

Damn it! Damn it to hell! This is so stupid! I shouldn't be so...so...


It was just a virus. It made me think I have a family, that's all. My only family is Kharg and my grandfather, and I barely know them. I guess it's still something. But...

No...I'm not gonna regret what happened during the virus, and I'm not gonna get all sappy about it either. There are more important things right now, so I shouldn't - I won't let it get to me. It just...felt good to have a real family for a few days.

[LOCKED to Philomel, Luna Lovegood and Lyra Silvertongue]

Phil, Luna, Lyra...I know it wasn't your choice or anything, but...I'm glad you were my family. Even if it was for a little while.



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