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This post's purpose is to give everyone a better idea of what they're seeing when they visit the town of Rueloon. There's some basic information and pictures, and a quick description of the Deimos that will most likely be milling about the town.

The Town of Rueloon
Rueloon is an ancient city that once belonged to humans, but the Balar Deimos tribe took it from them long ago. While it definitely looks its age, with patches of grass in some of the more secluded corners of the streets, it’s far from dilapidated. Balar Deimos stand at all entrances and patrol the town.

Picture walkthrough: The town entrance, one part of the market/town square and the other*, just up the stairs to the entrance of the arena and the inn/tavern (to the left), the inn on the lower level (rooms are free) and the tavern on the upper level (minors will not be served). The arena has a small gate where a Balar oversees those who enter. Inside, the stands circle a plain stone square in which all the fighting takes place. (Please note that the debris laying about the stands was cleared up last year, and are now very well maintained.) On the other side of the arena is a set of stairs leading up to a grand torch. During the tournament matches, Darc will be seen here. He will set up two pillars from which will hang a large white cloth with the names of all the fighters painted on in order of their matches. When one team is eliminated, he will use his claws to put a rip through their names.

*The market/town square looks a little small to be hosting a festival in these screencaps, but for convenience sake we're going to say that crowding isn't an issue.

The Deimos
These are not ALL the Deimos tribes, just the ones most commonly seen in Rueloon. (One is also included for NPC plot purposes, but I won't be saying which one.)

The Balar
The head clan in Rueloon. They are a noble tribe, and each one seen in town carries a spear. Their appearance is very birdlike, with large wings and beaks, but they do not seem to fly. If anyone decides to try to start trouble in their town, they will not stand for it.

The Quorup
A crocodillian tribe that does not differentiate by race - only by money. They are purely salespeople, and will not turn a good sale or bargain down. Orange Quorup are merchants, while blue Quorup specialize as healers (also for a fee).

The Orcon
The Orcon are generally humanoid, though they all have horns, claws, tails growing from between their shoulder blades, snaggle teeth in some cases, and different skin colours. The most common skin colours are green and purple, but red, blue and yellow Orcon also exist - pink is rare. All Orcon also have patches of almost moss-like patterns on them. Reference: Delma, one of Darc's comrades

The Drakyr
These are Dragon Deimos (quite literally, as they descended from Dragons). They have horns, wings and, like the Orcon, their tails grow out from between their shoulder blades. Males tend to to be green while females tend to be pink. Reference: random Drakyr

The Canidae
Dog/coyote-like Deimos, all of which have grey fur and white hair that hangs down in long, tail-like manes.

The Pianta
This Deimos tribe consists of plant-people. They are known for being wise in the ways of magic, and also being very beautiful. They are probably the most humanoid, save for the flower they grow in place of hair. Reference: Camellia, one of Darc's comrades

The Coelopt
The Coelopt are bug-like Deimos, each with black, exoskeletal skin, antennae and four arms. They are known for a special venomous spit which reduces one's senses and mobility (in other words, it reduces pretty much every stat). However, they also have a froth which undoes these effects; some of them will sell this froth for a decent price.

Lesser Deimos
They are little more than sentient monsters, and will often attack people in the wild. However, some of the Lesser Deimos tribes such as the Ogres live alongside the other Deimos in Rueloon, showing that not all of them are savage (or at least they can control their savagery). The Ogres have also sworn their loyalty to Darc.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here.
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