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Giselle: A pendant (round, polished/glossy pink stone on a black cord) and this dagger.
Lancer: A six-pack and a long red headband with feathers attached at the end.
Ami: A pendant (round, polished/glossy dark blue stone on a black cord) and a blue metallic butterfly knife (small enough to slip somewhere discreet for self-defence)
Tatsuki: A pendant (round, polished/glossy red stone on a black cord) and a pair of brass knuckles
Jenny: A pendant (round, polished/glossy light blue stone on a black cord) and a long blue headband with feathers attached at the end.
Hanatarou: This dragon statuette and this apron (in red) - but what he didn't realize was that it has this message on it


Gifts received from...

Lancer: Chimera totem (snake/lion/hawk)
Hanatarou: Peppermint hot chocolate mix and a dark purple mug
Jenny: A small knife and a promise for more sparring
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This post's purpose is to give everyone a better idea of what they're seeing when they visit the town of Rueloon. There's some basic information and pictures, and a quick description of the Deimos that will most likely be milling about the town.

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If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here.
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Just like with the post I just made on Aang's journal (and the other one I'll be making on Gai's after this), this post is a list of Christmas gifts Darc will be getting his friends. Some of the gifts will be actual game items (prepare to have your stats increased!). Luckily his list is a little shorter, though that might just mean I've missed someone. ._. Please remind me if you think you know a character who should be on here.
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