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...Mother, father...thank you.

Rest in peace.

[LOCKED but hackable]
I love you too.
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((OOC: I don't have an icon distraught/angsty enough for this...>.>))

I knew Jack wasn't exactly as nice as he might've made people think, but he lied to me and everyone else who did trust him about murdering some people. I don't want to believe it. I don't think he's a killer. And he suddenly turned on his word from earlier. Was he lying before, or is he lying now? Gah, I don't know what to fucking think!

My parents' spirits are still here. I mean, they come and go, but they're here again. They moved closer after this whole thing happened with Jack admitting to the murder. They both look like they want to speak to me, but they can't. The room is getting cold.

I'm going to go try and sleep.
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My father's spirit has come to me in visions and dreams before. It was before I set out free myself and save the Deimos, and he was always telling me to do just that. He hasn't appeared since.

But now...he's here, standing in the same room. He didn't have anything to say to me, not even when I tried talking to him first. Then, Na- mother's spirit appeared next to him. I don't know what to say to her. I know what I want to say to her.

Other people are being visited by spirits, and now that I've seen that, I'm starting to think it's not real. Is this another virus? I don't even care about the other viruses compared to this. If someone is fucking around with my memory and making me think that my parents' spirits are haunting me, I'll slice their throats!


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