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[The video blinks on, and we see Darc kneeling to the right side of the screen. He’s trying to adjust the camera angle, the technical genius that he is (not). He’s in a calm meadow-looking area with a few trees (a wild area just outside of Rueloon), but there’s something very strange: several chunks of ice are just sitting there on the ground. Even though it’s winter, they look very out of place. If one zooms a little and looks at just the right angle, one can see the shape of monstrous dragonfly-like creatures within each. Once Darc is sure of the camera angle, a smug grin comes to his face and he gestures to the ice chunks behind him.]

Thanks, Jack.

[Another of the dragonfly-like creatures suddenly emerges from some brush in the background and flies hard at Darc. However, he stands and swipes hard at the monster. Instead of slicing through, it hits it then stops as ice spreads, creating another oddly shaped lump. It plunks to the ground.]

[The smirk is still there.] Your presents are coming in real handy already.

[He then goes to turn the camera off, his point proven. As he struggles for a moment, we get a brief shot of Darc’s other present from Jack: a pair of brown leather shoes as opposed to his usual brown leather sandals. Hey, even a noble half-Deimos needs to keep his toes warm.]

[Video ends.]

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You don't have to say anything. Nothing at all


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