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1.Top or Bottom?: In normal circumstances, I'm sure he'd be fine as either. Darc would not play the part of a submissive though. Several years as an actual abused slave has turned him off of that. Being a little on the dominant side, however...

2.Spit or Swallow?: This isn't a concept he's familiar with; swallowing might be a bit of a shocker, even for him. Besides, if he knew it tasted gross he wouldn't want anyone to make themselves swallow it. On the other hand, Darc doesn't suck cock, but if he did I can't see him swallowing either.

3. Abstinence?: Inadvertently, yes. While Deimos women are probably throwing themselves at him (especially from the Coleopt tribe), he doesn't really have any interest in them - it's Lilia he's holding a torch for.

4. Kinks: It's hard to say for sure - he's probably kind of sexually suppressed due to his aforementioned slavery. As mentioned above, however, if he were to top he might be a bit dominating. Not overly so - nothing like "let's chain you up and see how you like it" or "who's your daddy bitch?", but in a more feral way, as if claiming his partner as his own. Also, he'd probably do a little light biting. :3

5. Favorite Position: I can imagine him being fairly open; probably missionary, doggie style and uh, I forget the name but when the girl is on top. (For the latter, he would probably like it with him kneeling and her on top as opposed to him lying down.) Variations of each would also be acceptable and much enjoyed.

6. How they like it: Depending on mood, anywhere from "making love" (slow and sensual) to "mildly rough" (faster and wilder, but nothing bondage-like). Sometimes his "human heart" makes him a little more sensitive and emotional, while other times he's pretty damn aggressive - such is his usual nature.


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