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» NAME: Darc
» FANDOM: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
» AGE: 18
» GENDER: Male
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
» COLLAR: Black leather (it's brown in the picture) with small metal plates along it) - there's no latch or seam

» YES: : Biting, giving and receiving oral sex, sexy clothing, vanilla sex, breasts, getting feral/rough.
» MAYBE: Uh...ask?
» NO: None of the body/fluid fetishes (gore/vore/scat/enemas/vomit/etc), but especially nothing involving him being subdued or enslaved, AND anything involving asphyxiation. Also a big no to incest should his twin brother show up here.
» PAIRING PREFERENCES: Darc/Lilia, but here, anything goes really

» APPEARANCE: Darc is about average height (my best guess would be 5'10"/178cm or 5'11") with a well-toned athletic build. His eyes are bright red, and his hair is dark brown/black in untamed, soft spikes. Because he's half human and half Deimos, a monster-like race from his world, he has a few non-human traits which do make him stand out: horns on his head, shoulders and elbows, teal scales running along the left side of his body and down his left arm (his palm and the underside of his arm are still flesh), pointed ears (one of them pierced), and the most prominent feature being his left hand itself. It is a large, taloned dragon hand, and the fingers are spread out more evenly around than on a regular human hand. (His pinky is more or less aligned with his thumb.) On his right arm is a birthmark shaped like this.

He once had wings but they were ripped off, resulting in very rough, raw circular scars where the joints met his shoulder blades. Darc has some scars on his chest: two criss-crossing roughly close his heart, and another two on the right side of his chest that are just horizontal slash scars. As one last (headcanon) note to his physical appearance, he is uncircumcised.

His usual outfit consists of a breastplate with a shoulder pad on the right side and a red-and-white patterned kilt with a sash around his waist. He wears brown leather Greek-style sandals and armour over his left knee and right wrist. And yes, he is going commando under that kilt.

» PERSONALITY: Darc has a lot of mood shifts. Due to a wide variety of factors – his split heritage, his traumatic childhood, hormones and his responsibilities - he can have several "faces" if you will. He's a fighter and can be incredibly aggressive, whether he's putting up a tough front or not. The Deimos understand authority through power best (survival of the fittest/law of the jungle and all), so said tough front is one of the ways he tries to prove himself to his half-kin. Still, sometimes the tough front isn't so much to prove himself but to try not to appear emotional or awkward, especially when his more human side is showing through. He does show people some kindness, whether he tries to cover it up ("I just saved you because I'm going to be the one to kill you!") or not. As cliche as it sounds, he does have a soft spot in his heart beneath all the tough front. If he's genuinely grateful, he'll still show it. Between him and his estranged brother Kharg, Darc's division between his humanity and his Deimos heritage is more pronounced, whereas Kharg is mostly human. Regardless, he's a little socially awkward due to spending his life either on the run or forced into slavery, and has separation anxiety. It's not so much that he won't make friends out of the fear of losing them, but the idea of losing the ones he has hits him hard. When he makes friends, no matter how rough he may seem to them, he is very loyal and becomes defensive of them as well.

» BACKGROUND: Things were never easy for Darc. His parents were the first human and Deimos to set the war between their people aside for love. When he was still a baby, he and his father Windalf were separated from his mother and twin brother, who were believed to be dead thereafter. Windalf, despite his injuries, raised his son (never telling him about his supposedly lost family members) until Darc hit approximately age 10, when he succumbed to said injuries. Once Darc buried his father, he nearly died at the side of the road, but was saved by a nasty Deimos witch named Geedo. From there, he remained Geedo's slave, unable to escape due to a collar she forced him to wear that she could constrict on command - if you've ever wondered why Darc hates his collar so much, or is weirded out by he idea of a slavery kink, this is why.

When he was 17, he got caught up in a whole whirlwind of things that, while resulting in him rebelling against Geedo and killing her, he also hardened his heart in an attempt to shut out his emotions. After years of seeing his father in his dreams telling him to "save the Deimos", Darc decided to do so by becoming the strongest Deimos and uniting all the different clans/tribes under one ruler. He heard that if he collected five magical items called the Great Spirit Stones, he would be able to become the "Ultimate Deimos", and already possessing one half of the Wind Stone from his father was a start.

He did eventually meet up with his twin brother Kharg, but they both fought for their respective races and competed to attain the Great Spirit Stones. Eventually they were thwarted by the Spirit of Darkness/Divine Ruler, who had returned to his full power from all the negative emotions in the world caused by the war; he took all five of the Great Spirit Stones and prepared to do the typical "cover the world in darkness" bit. Oh, and he transformed into the Lord of the Black Abyss. (Self-proclaimed title I imagine.) Darc and Kharg teamed up with their friends to weaken him, and the rest of the spirits of the world were able to take him to the Spirit World forever more. Unfortunately this meant that regular spirit stones, the source of magic and technology in the world, became powerless.

In the aftermath, Darc became the Deimos King and went about helping his people recover. He was brought to Atia one year after the end of canon; at the time he was helping refugees in a shabby Deimos town called Barbadoth on the continent of Halshinne.

* Video reference! This is during canon. No real spoilers.
* I've made June 17th his birthday since he doesn't canonically have one.
* Fun fact: Darc's swear of choice is "damn (it)"
* His anxious habit is touching the birthmark on his right arm (seen very often in canon).
* His weapon of choice is a broadsword.
* He is currently living in Lancer's house.
* Previously, Darc worked for Hiromi as a guard/sentry for her transports. He now works at the Axiom (pool hall) as a bouncer under employment of Tifa Lockhart (formerly Blackarachnia) and Bumblebee. He is also an instructor at Lancer's dojo.
* Acquired inventory: various knives, a kukri dagger, a katana from Sephiroth, Tatsuki's pet frog (and her wing of the house)


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